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4 Landscaping Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

According to National Gardening, over 16 million people took up gardening as a pandemic hobby. Many of them were under 35, setting the stage for some very long-term gardens that will look wonderful for years if the gardens are treated correctly. If you started gardening recently and aren’t sure things are going the way they should, you can call landscaping services to get help, especially if you’ve made any of these landscaping mistakes.

Not Observing Sun and Shade

If you look at your garden right now, you’ll see some areas getting sun, others getting shade, and yet others getting a mix. You might think that’s what you have to plan for when you choose plants. That’s not the case. You need to look at the yard again later in the day, as well as in the days to come, for several weeks, if not months. That’s because the areas that get sun and shade change not only during the day but as the seasons change, too. As you plan your garden, you need to monitor which areas get morning sun, afternoon sun, no sun, and so on. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to a professional landscaper.

Using Unsuitable Cultivars

If you buy all your garden plants from a local nursery, chances are you’ll get cultivars that thrive in your area. But if you buy seeds from a catalog, get cuttings from a family who lives elsewhere in the state, or mail-order seedlings, you risk getting cultivars that don’t do too well in your specific climate. Stick to local sources and have landscaping services provide the plants.

Assuming the Soil Is Healthy

The soil in your yard may not be the best for growing things. It could be nutritionally depleted as well. It’s best to contact your local landscaper for more information and see if you need new soil brought in.

Neglecting Weeds

Your yard’s soil likely contains weed seeds. You could pull out all the weeds by the roots and still find more next year. When you change your landscaping, you’ve got to get rid of the weed seeds. Luckily a professional landscaper should be able to take care of these weeds for you at the source.

If you’re trying to garden and haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, call John Jay Landscape Design & Construction now for help. They can get the garden off to a good start and help you maintain it in great condition.