Stone And Water Landscape, Northern Westchester

Community Rain Garden Design & Construction

During bad rainstorms, some of our homes and streets get flooded and storm water rushes into our streams and into the Long Island Sound carrying with it pollutants which degrade our water quality.
There are a number of eco-friendly ways to deal with this storm water problem and one of the most exciting and beautiful is the creation of rain gardens. The City of New Rochelle has created a demonstration rain garden at Ward Elementary School with the Ward PTA through the assistance of John Jay Landscape Development, so that our residents can learn how rain gardens can help reduce storm water runoff and flooding and filter out pollutants from the water.

This serves as a shinning example of a community working with intelligence, energy and enthusiasm to realize a visionary concept. The beauty & simplicity of this native plant garden acts as a wonderful model to demonstrate how a naturally sustainable landscape can be enjoyed and valued for it s capacity to manage and conserve storm water as well.

Learn More: New Rochelle Planning & Sustainability Environmental Programs Community Rain Garden.