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Ready to help you with all of your drainage needs

Landscape Drainage Services

Proper drainage is vital to a healthy outdoor landscape.

Poor drainage can damage your home’s foundation, kill your plants and turn a healthy, beautiful lawn into a muddy mess. Our team of landscape professionals can design backyard drainage solutions for any existing drainage issues, and ensure that any landscapes we develop have the appropriate drainage in place.

As a full-service landscape design and development company, we take site drainage very seriously. Drainage that is not properly redirected can cause a lot of damage to your landscape and property. Contact John Jay Landscape Design for more information – we can help you with all your drainage needs. All our work meets or exceeds building codes and engineering requirements, and is developed utilizing sustainable protocols including storm water management and wetland restoration.

Our team of landscape professionals will perform a drainage site analysis – an inventory of environmental site conditions, impressions, appearances and parameters of drainage impact. This includes: performing a flow test from all hose bibs, examining existing gutters and leaders establishing viability of existing structural drainage, as well as identifying splash points, low lying areas and direction of general water flow. Once problem areas are identified, our talented site engineers have many creative solutions for proper drainage. Some of the types of drain systems we provide are:

  • Grassy Swale
  • Bog Area in Landscape
  • Catch Basins
  • French Drain
  • Drain Grates

Whether you’re building from the ground up, or have an existing landscape you’d like to improve, the John Jay Landscape Design team of landscaping & construction professionals are ready to solve your site drainage issues. Proper drainage and level site grading have many benefits, including:

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    Manage Ground Water
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    Handle Water Runoff
  • Planting
    Minimize Soil Erosion
  • Retaining Wall Design Construction
    Avoid Foundation Issues
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