Education And Enlightenment In Landscape Development

Education and Enlightenment in Landscape Development

Education in landscape development – what we have learned:
We spent an hour walking a new client’s property with Engineer, Donald Knapp, from Somers, NY. Characteristic are large open sunny lot, steep slope and rock outcropping. What we learned by conducting a site analysis was most useful and potentially beneficial and informative to us and the client. Donald is an Engineer who holds 9 PE’s and is licensed in both NY and CT.

He suggested using a probe/rod with a hammer/sleeve to assist in determining the depth and location of bedrock/soil as well as soil and water testing. Remember all building, construction and landscape projects start with site development.

We also discussed alternatives to blasting or hammering bedrock to avoid damaging the foundation. Two options are:

  1. Using drilling/fracturing with feathers/shims and wedges (mechanical).
  2. Using a product called Dexpan to expand and fracture rock (chemical process explosive demolition agent).

We also recommend using a FIFRA (Freedom of Information File) to obtain all land use records for a given property from the Town Building Department.