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Healing Our Waters, Caring For The Land.

Healing Our Waters, Caring for the Land

By understanding the value of increasing wildlife habitat, biodiversity, biotic corridors and ecotones, you will attain a greater appreciation for our landscape and the waters of our world. Tune into the vital stream of life by not ignoring the distress and disturbance we have caused by hurtful and harmful practices and begin the work of reversing the damage to unlock the power and wisdom the earth holds for us. “Open the doors of perception”, and learn to read the landscape as a vibrant, living mosaic of repeating patterns. By examining the relationship and response of other cultures to the human place in nature, we can be inspired to shift paradigms, and position ourselves, as human beings, to act as healing stewards of the earth. We can then apply our understanding to improve our schoolyards, gardens and community spaces, grounded in a sound and sustainable ecological approach to design and management of the land.

This class is open to everyone interested in understanding and improving our environment. We will conduct a site analysis and exploration of Omega’s unique landscape, as well as group discussion and interaction, slide/power point presentations and lectures. The course will include hands-on field work including soil work, planting and gardening techniques.

You will forever see yourself, the waters, wetlands, fields and forests differently after this life sustaining workshop.

Do you need help with Ecological Landscape Restoration in the Westchester and Fairfield County areas?

At John Jay Landscape Development we employ a network of Associated Professionals includes Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Engineers, Wetland Scientists, and material research and development people dedicated to improving our world, lives and landscapes. As a landscaping contractor we are proud to bring our professional landscaping services to Westchester and Fairfield.