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How to Choose the Right Trees for Your Landscaping

According to Statista, we typically define landscaping as six services. This includes lawn care, landscape maintenance, landscape design, irrigation, tree planting and care, and landscape construction. If you’re a homeowner, you likely find that tree maintenance, in particular, is an enormous investment. When properly taken care of, trees are great for curb appeal, and they provide shade as well. Here are some tips for how to choose the best trees for your yard to have great landscaping.

Consider the Amount of Space You Have

When choosing a tree, you must take some time to analyze the amount of growing space available. This space should match the width of your tree. There should also be enough space above the tree for it to grow to full length. If you plant a tree in an area without adequate space, its growth will be restricted. This means you must be cautious when it comes to growing certain trees too close to buildings and fences.

You should also avoid growing certain trees under power lines. If the tree is short and has a tiny width, then it can probably fit anywhere. A larger tree requires a lot of space. Ornamental trees are small and grow to mature heights of less than 30 feet, with widths that range from 10 to 20 feet. Shade trees are larger, growing up to 30 to 60 feet tall or more and up to 60 feet wide.

Think About the Purpose of the Tree

Trees serve different purposes. Are you growing a tree because you want shade? Maybe you just want to improve the aesthetic of your yard. To find the right trees for your yard, list everything you want your trees to do in your landscape. That will help narrow down the list of trees to choose from. You can also present your list to a qualified landscaper, and they’ll tell you what options best suit your needs.

Look Into Growing Conditions

What is your yard like? To choose the right trees, you need to first note your hardiness zone. This will help you shortlist trees that can handle the winters in your area. You should also take stock of the conditions on your planting site. How much light does the space receive? What’s the soil type? Also, what are the natural amounts of moisture? Different trees thrive in different conditions, so you can use your conditions to find trees that match what you have. To find out what trees work with your planting site, talk to an experienced landscaper.

Professional landscapers can make picking trees for your yard simple. They can provide you with knowledge from their experience and training to help you make your choice. Are you struggling to find the best trees for your yard? Or maybe your trees keep dying? Get in touch with our experienced landscaper at John Jay Landscape Design & Construction today if you need help or if you need to ask some questions. We would love to hear from you.