Invitation To Information - Landscapes For Better Living

Invitation to Information – Landscapes for Better Living

Each week we will answer questions regarding landscaping ecology construction methods, architecture or basically anything of pertinent interest to our colleagues and clients. We also invite you to use us as an information source before you begin designing landscaping or home improvement construction projects.

Question: “What is Ecological Restoration?” (Interview with the Pros)

Our first interview with Don Goodwin, President of Evergreen Landscaping, Brewster, NY took place December 14, 2011 at our offices at 66 Marvin Avenue, Brewster, NY.

Answer: Definition (according to S.E.R.I. – Society of Ecological Restoration International) “Attempt to restore an ecosystem to its historic trajectory” or to use interdisciplinary efforts to restore a landscape to its original condition using biomimicry or nature as a model.

Don G: How does a landscaper start getting involved with this?

Jay A: Native plants! That was easy. Anytime you can use native plants which are suited to the soil moisture, light and hardiness (USDA Zone) conditions you will be improving the health of the landscape environment.

Don G: But is it practical for me?

Jay A: Absolutely. Don’t be the last on your block to install a bird & butterfly garden. Or what about hummingbirds? Who doesn’t like hummingbirds? What about water gardens? Increase habit & biodiversity. What about bat houses? Don G: We might as well build rat houses!

Jay A: Ok! Well maybe not! Educate the clients! Would you rather have one thousand mosquitoes or one bat patrolling your property? More birds, less ticks, etc. From a public health perspective less chance of Lyme Disease, West Nile, etc.

Don G: How do I convince and sell my client these ecological landscape ideas:

Jay A: First “You Believe!” Your passion and enthusiasm is your sex appeal and health Beauty & happiness is your product. “Landscapes for Better Living” is the way to healthier sustainable ecological environmentally and economically valuable landscape environments.

Don G: Wow! That’s a mouthful! You make it sound so easy!

Jay A: Well thanks, it really is! And the best part is its fun too!