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Each structured phase of our landscape design process is undertaken in close partnership with you

Our Design Process

From the initial meeting to design plan implementation

The first step in the creative landscape design conceptual phase is to review a client’s project and needs with our team of talented landscape designers, engineers, and construction managers to assign a hand-picked team most suited to the project’s needs and requirements.

Communication is paramount for successful design and construction. Each structured phase of our design process – from the Initial Client Meeting through Design Planning, Final Master Plan Presentation, Plan Implementation & creation of our Plant Healthcare Program – is undertaken as a professional partnership with you.

A lead PM or project manager will be assigned to facilitate the execution of design development plans and fast-track any required permits, etc.

Throughout the landscape design process, your tastes, likes, dislikes, preferences, special needs, and dreams are top of mind for us. Your input helps us design and implement a plan that will enhance and reflect your unique lifestyle.

It is possible to cultivate a residential environment that is both aesthetically and ecologically pleasing while increasing property value and curb appeal. Let John Jay Landscape show you how.

Our Landscape Design Process
  • Phase 1 - The Client Meeting

    In the early stage of our Landscaping Consultation process, we meet with you to determine what you envision for your property.

    Together, we review your property survey, clippings, photos, and any other materials that express your tastes, likes, dislikes, dreams, and special needs.

    We evaluate the property for:

    • Current health of existing trees, plants, and soil
    • Special environmental concerns or issues
    • Storm water management
    • Wetlands requirements
    • Subsidence

    Throughout the entire Landscaping Consultation process, we partner with you to create the paradise that will become your reality – a unique living environment that enhances and reflects your lifestyle.

  • Phase 2 - Designing Your Landscape

    Once we’ve met with you to ascertain your vision, the second phase of our consultation is designing your landscape. We do a comprehensive site analysis which includes:

    • Documenting existing conditions with digital photography
    • Taking site measurements
    • Researching land use in your municipality
    • Determining easements and setbacks

    We believe clear communication and extensive background analysis are the key elements in designing your landscape. Our goal is to create an aesthetically and ecologically-pleasing environment that is not just faithful to your vision but surpasses your expectations.

  • Phase 3 - Final Master Plan Presentation

    The Master Plan is a drawing of our proposed landscape design, illustrating plantings and any hardscaping such as masonry, fencing, or water features. All design/build proposals include plant lists with color photos and a summary sheet.

    Optionally, for an additional fee, our landscape contractors in Bedford, NY can supplement the Master Plan with:

    • Site Detailing
    • Isometric Drawing
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Sketches
    • A color-rendered Master Plan

    The Master Plan consists of professional, comprehensive landscape design services – where our thorough background analysis, design planning, and development services coalesce to create the unique living environment of your dreams.

  • Phase 4 - Implementation of Plan

    Your landscape project will be organized in stages to ensure the least disruption to your property, environment and life. Care will be taken to prepare & protect your grounds & home to guarantee the safest working and living conditions possible for the duration of the construction or installation.

    Design/build criteria/features include:

    • Locating utilities
    • Site protection for trees, plants, hardscapes, etc.
    • Pre-determined staging & access area (roads)
    • Temporary facilities (i.e. porta johns, sheds, trailers & machines)
    • Safety fences & silt barriers erected & removed.

    Our landscape contractors in Bedford, NY take great pride in how we work! Neat, clean, efficient, polite, and courteous. We bring all our creativity, enthusiasm, passion & expertise to your project. Attention to detail and communication are essential ingredients to success.

    Upon completion of your project we will review all aspects of our design, construction, and installation to evaluate our success to your satisfaction. We intend to bring beauty, peace, and pleasure to your life. Let us help improve your lifestyle, quality of life, and enjoyment of your landscape environment.

  • Phase 5 - Garden Care & Plant Health Care

    Once we have partnered with you to design, develop and create your ideal living environment, the transition to after care property management and maintenance – including garden care and plant health care – will assure your living landscape remains a source of pleasure for years.

    Keeping it beautiful includes:

    • Discussion of John Jay’s Best Management Practices
    • Once-weekly post-construction landscape monitoring for three weeks to examine conditions and complete a critical analysis of recommended services necessary to keep your landscape flourishing
    • Introduction to a Plant Health Care Manager, who will work with you to determine and keep the commitment to your plants and landscape
    • The assignment of a John Jay Property Manager who is responsible for the management, maintenance, and monitoring of the property. The Property Manager determines and implements priorities, assessing and coordinating management with your other contractors to eliminate overlap of services, and communicates your wishes to all parties.
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