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Landscape Restoration Project Using Primitive Technologies In Bedford, NY

Landscape Restoration Project using Primitive Technologies in Bedford, NY

Bedford, NY, a beautiful idyllic setting in northern Westchester County, NY features a winding brook along the property border with the neighboring BLR Riding Trail. In a steep gorge a large Catalpa Tree (103 yr. by reading tree rings) fell, blocking the stream and diverting its course causing erosion and slope failure. Working in a protected and regulated wetland we (as contractors) are prohibited from using power tools (i.e. chain saws and gas/oil powered equipment).

This was a great opportunity to work with Luke & Laura, the mule team! Unlike machines like front end loaders and excavators, they have independent traction and are not any more disruptive than large human beings. We were able to go old school to cut the tree in sections using large band saws. The stream corridor was restored by using hand tools (shovels, rakes & loppers) and erosion control devices. The tree was carted by mule drawn cart down the long driveway, again with the least damage and environmental impact.

We used this opportunity to invite our clients, friends and family to witness an example of old time logging methods employed to restore the stream and landscape to its original pre- disturbance condition/state. WOW! How cool is this? Sometimes it’s amazing the things we do for a living. I love my job!

P.S. This just goes to show landscaping is only limited by your imagination!

Look for upcoming articles/blogs on woodlot and forestry management at home. Of special interest will be “The Forgotten Trail.” Multi use trail management/maintenance featuring information regarding remnant forest; identifying stands, ecotones and successional forest species and plant indicator status. Stay tuned.