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Learn more about the guidelines for organic lawn care

Organic Lawn Care Guidelines

Soil Test

  • We’ll perform a soil test to assess the health of your soil.

This will give us the best scientific basis to determine proper care for all plantings. Plant health depends primarily on the health of the soil. A soil test may identify the need for other soil amendments, such as rock dust or lime.

Feed the Soil

  • Rake an inch or so of compost into your lawn each spring and fall.
  • Add microbial inoculants to accelerate soil biology.
  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn.

The addition of compost to the surface of the lawn, known as topdressing, provides beneficial bacteria and fungi to support microbes essential to the growth of healthy turf.

Grass Clippings

Provide nitrogen and reduce the amount of fertilizer needed. Organic weed control application provides additional nitrogen for Spring green-up, setting off a chain of beneficial effects including:

  • Increased water retention.
  • Increased microbial activity.
  • Increases turf density, limiting weed seed germination.


  • Cut grass at 3-3 1/2 inches.
  • Keep blades sharp.
  • Rotate mowing patterns.

Cutting grass high allows it to shade its own roots, conserve moisture and keep out weeds. Dull blades tear grass, making it susceptible to disease. Rotating the mowing pattern, like rotating tires, distributes the wear and tear on the lawn.


  • Water less often.
  • Water longer, in early morning.

Regular watering longer encourages deeper rooting, increasing drought and stress tolerance. A thick turf is one of the best ways to control weeds.


  • Reduce compaction through core or slice aeration.
  • Increase water absorption.
  • Increase airspace In root zone.

Control Weeds

  • Spot control weeds in lawns, driveways and walks; use vinegar based products.
  • Use corn gluten asa pre-emergent for lawns.
  • Mechanical removal of stubborn perennial weeds.

Re-Seed Annually

  • Seed in late Summer or Early Fall.
  • Use a mix of indigenous grasses that are drought and disease resistant.
  • Increase turf density and vigor to control weeds.

Tick Prevention Services

  • Defend your yard against ticks, including barrier treatments around the edge of your property.
  • Protect yourself, children, and pets against Lyme disease, the most widespread tick-borne disease in the US.
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