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Letter Of Intent To Guide Ecological Landscape Design

Letter of intent to guide ecological landscape design

It is our commitment to provide and execute landscape design development plans to conform with the Sustainable Site Initiative (SSI) guidelines. It is our design directive to conserve, preserve and protect all natural resources on site (soil and water) while producing a design plan that meets the highest standards of sustainable ecological landscape development.

As part of the process materials for hardscape structures and landscape features will consist of local source natural material wherever possible I.e. wood, stone, gravel etc.. Native plants will be selected for their hardiness as well as biological diversity. Rain gardens will be designed and proposed to provide the best management of storm-water on site as well as providing beautiful habitat for a wide range of desirable and beneficial species.

Existing structural, vegetation and soil conditions will be considered and recommendations for improvement will be carefully considered for sustainable land use practice. Design development and construction methods will be outlined in phases for least impact and disturbance of the beautiful natural environment. Communication and coordination with all involved/concerned will be maximized throughout design development and construction from start to finish of the project.

All processes will be recorded and photo documented to serve as a model for sustainable design development for lake shore communities as part of our program of producing “Landscapes for Better Living.” We will evaluate the progress of success of the project over the course of one year post construction. Working with the land to create a healthy living environment for our children and our children’s children is our goal.