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Look For Our New 'Ecology Corner' In Spring 2012

Look for our new ‘Ecology Corner’ in Spring 2012

Ecology Corner Programs:
Starting with integrating organic land/lawn care practices with sustainable construction development we continue our involvement with Westchester County Department of Planning – Parks to create and maintain healthier more beautiful ecologically valued landscape environments.

As always we are developing new educational programs for schools, families and institutions to improve our landscape environment. Most recently ‘Landscapes for Better Living’. Last year we were fortunate to work with Darin Duling, Director of the native Plant Center, WCC Valhalla, NY to develop a plan which lead to receiving state and federal grants for the restoration of ‘The Forgotten Trail’ on the WCC Campus.

We are very excited to be working with the ‘County Children’s Center’ of Cross River, NY to develop a plan for a network of trails and interpretative education nature exhibits and studies. We drew on our experiences with the Nature Conservancy, Audubon and the National Biking Association for resources and assistance to inspire interest in our precious natural resources, through daily involvement, exposure and engaged interaction with nature in the day care/school setting.

We continue our involvement with Sticks and Stones Farm, Newtown, CT to develop programs such as last year’s ‘Sacred Ecology’ walking tour as well as promoting the Two Coyotes Wilderness School for children and adults and the increasing Holistic Health and Education offerings available.

As always we are available for lectures and educational programs directed at increasing and expanding our awareness of our natural environment & ecology and the many ways we can work together to improve it.

Our overall focus and mission is to use each one of a kind project as a model for sustainable creative landscape design development and construction by illustrating and describing the scope of work step by step from initial meeting to concept plan, construction and post construction, review and monitoring to encourage and inspire individuals and communities to act to improve their environment.