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Native Plants In The Residential Landscape - Riverdale, NY

Native Plants in the Residential Landscape – Riverdale, NY

Riverdale, NY – We were fortunate to work with a client on the banks of the Hudson River overlooking NYC. The planting plan consisted of plants grown from a seed source originating within 99 miles of NYC. This meets the strictest Standard of Ecological Restoration. The challenges presented included initial site development work including removal/control of invasive exotic species (plants/weeds). Effort was made to accomplish this task without disturbing the soil/seed bank. Hand weeding employing weed wrenches for Norway sapling removal as well as hand tools for herbaceous perennials. We could not use pesticides, burning, or black plastic smothering methods.

We also used erosion matting, to plant and stabilize the slope (moderately steep). The planting method includes live seed, eco-plugs, B&B and container shrubs and trees as well as 1-2 gallon perennials. A temporary irrigation system was installed to insure germination and establishment. A natural un-dyed mulch was used for weed suppression, moisture retention and protections from erosion during storm events.

Our biggest challenge was pre & post planting control of Mug wart. The extensive underground root system is very difficult to eradicate and is very aggressive in out-competing our young natives. This required a great deal of labor as part of the projects sustainability and success. In conjunction with the planting, the swimming pool was repaired and refurbished and a tremendous floral display (annuals) including colorful tropicals, etc. was planted on trellis, containers, etc. The resulting effect was stunning and awesome from May to October. A great example of artistic design, planning and sustainable management practices, plus a lot of fun to do, see & ENJOY!