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Our General Contracting & Construction Division Is Growing!

Our General Contracting & Construction Division

This year our biggest growth area/department has been our ‘General Contracting & Construction Division.‘ In addition to the usual extensive excavation, drainage/waterproofing, masonry, driveway/road construction and repair we were engaged in custom carpentry, remodeling, electric, plumbing, roofing, etc.

We bring our enthusiasm and passion to each home improvement project we perform and execute with pride. Custom fencing, arbors, pergolas, wood & composite decks, natural stone masonry, swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, water falls, streams, water gardens, wetland mitigation, bog gardens as well as…

  • Landscape Specialty Gardens
  • English Borders
  • Cutting Gardens
  • Edible Landscapes
  • Japanese Stroll Gardens
  • Art and Garden Architecture

Are all designed and installed by our award winning Landscape Construction Division. In keeping with the philosophy of producing the highest quality and standards for work in our industry by directly controlling and overseeing as much work ‘in house’ as possible.

This years/seasons hurricanes, storms and floods have posed challenges to our Tree & Grounds Maintenance Department in keeping up with Health & Safety issues. We were often required to provide emergency services to our valued clients. Our living landscapes are not furniture; they require tender loving care to grow. This is the purpose of our natural and organic based Plant Healthcare Department.

Estate and property management has always been the bedrock this company was founded upon. Pride and joy in our appearance and our clients property is what we truly care about. Nothing is more important to us than health, happiness and building mutually beneficial enduring client relationships. Achieving excellence is our standard everyday practice. There is no ‘ordinary day’ at John Jay. Like Charlie Brown, we’re either the hero or the goat (extra credit for anyone identifying this obscure reference).