Soil Compaction In Landscaping

Soil Compaction is our Enemy

One of our greatest challenges to successful sustainable landscaping is soil compaction. The capacity for plant growth is limited by its access to the precious resources necessary to sustain life and growth. “Clean Water, Air, Healthy Soil.” Biology/organisms start by determining compaction rates. If you can’t get a shovel or soil probe in the ground, you might have a problem. If your test hole doesn’t drain, you may employ a compactometer (tool) to access and demonstrate required remediation.

Secrets of Success! Improve soil profile/texture, air and water infiltration and holding capacity by physically/mechanically amending soil by excavating, core aeration and the addition of soil amendments such as Gypsum, sand, calcified clay, etc.

“Magic Powers” = premium biologically rich compost alone (if you did nothing else) will substantially improve conditions by 50% – 100%.

Stay tuned for more info on ‘The Magic Wand’ and soil testing. This is a low cost non-invasive approach to improving growth and percolation/drainage rates. A unique patent pending process saving money, time and labor, sometimes replacing expensive drains pipe, gravel, etc. More about that later.¬†Walk with Beauty & live the life you love.