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Sound Ecological Practices

Sound Ecological Practices

Integrating nature, technology & design to construct sustainable landscape systems.

  • A vision of our future beyond BMP’s
  • Conservation Practices for soil & water including absorption gardens featuring bio cells and terra forming.
  • Gardening with storm water and use of passive irrigation.
  • Use of native groundcovers, ferns and herbaceous perennials in place of the great American lawn.
  • Establishment of riparian buffers.
  • The importance of the soil moisture gradient and plant indicator status and their design implications.
  • Elimination of pesticides and toxins from the landscape/environment.
  • The use of organic land care, native plants and control and management of invasive and exotic species.
  • Response to disturbed compromised or contaminated soil conditions.
  • Use of soil and laboratory testing/analysis, bioassays and soil profiling/perk test.
  • Advantages of biodiversity in reference to wildlife value/habitat. (Eg: bat houses, birdfeeders on fishing line)
  • Water as a health-giving energy source in the landscape.
  • Management of septic systems (Example: phosphorus reductions by no mow lawns and meadows)
  • Using nature as a design model for restoration.