The Effects Of Winter

The Effects of Winter on Lawn Care

Without snow cover to protect the lawn, soil, and roots of your landscape, plants, especially shrubs, small trees, and perennials, your landscape is at risk of exposure!

Bulbs are already growing!

The mild winter poses many unique challenges including lack of a steady dormant period, exposed and weak roots, especially in new plantings. High ground temperatures lead to early accelerated growth of plants, weeds, and insects. Take common sense precautions and protect your landscape and your investment.

Gently and carefully remove debris from lawn/landscape. Don’t make the common mistake of aggressively raking the lawn. The roots are at their weakest and more damage than good can be done. Clean, let the sun dry it our, then fertilize. Nature will do the rest.

Our trees have been stressed by excessive water/rain/flooding, not to mention hurricanes and wind storms.