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The Omega Institute Workshop - The Miracle Of Organic Gardening

The Omega Institute Workshop – The Miracle of Organic Gardening

What is organic gardening or natural landscaping?

The practice of organic gardening strives to work with natural systems by understanding, appreciating and conserving our precious natural resources by producing healthier environments and foods to feed body and soul. By gaining an understanding of soil science and plant ecology, we can shift paradigms enabling us to live and experience a richer and fuller physical and spiritual existence.We live in an age of irradiated foods, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, pollutants and other toxins contaminating our environment. As a result we have lost touch with the magic and spirit of earth’s elemental forces and energy. Pure food and healthy landscapes are the medicines we need in our busy lives to relieve stress, and enable us to peacefully coexist and interact with the human, animal and plant kingdom.

Tune into the vital stream of life by not ignoring the distress and disturbance we have caused by hurtful and harmful practices and begin the work of reversing the damage to unlock the power and wisdom the earth holds for us. “Open the doors of perception”, and learn to read the landscape as a vibrant, living mosaic of repeating patterns.  As an instructor at NYBG (New York Botanical Garden), a certified member of NOFA (North American Organic Gardening Association) and the Green Guerrillas, Jay has worked to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and preservation of our precious natural resources.

Immerse yourself in a holistic approach to organic gardening and natural landscaping by actually planting and giving birth to Omega’s own organic garden. Breathe the fresh air and feel the healing power of soil free of disease and contaminates, inhale the sweet fragrance of Omega in the spring while you learn to unlock the mystery o f nature’s secrets. Energize your soil and enrich your life by exploring examples of ways primitive cultures have used plants for food, clothing and medicine.

This class will involve hands on involvement in our own organic garden, as well as an exploration of Omega’s landscape and a field trip to a nearby garden. Practical examples will be explored in the field as well as lectures, demonstrations and lively interactive discussions enriching our understanding and appreciation for our beautiful world, landscapes and gardens.

This workshop will run at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY from Monday, May 22nd through Friday, May 26.

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