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Useful Tools For Drainage Site Analysis

Useful Tools for Drainage Site Analysis

Drainage Site Analysis Check List 

  • Perk Test to determine infiltration rates (see the drainage site analysis check list)
  • Probe/Rod with hammer sleeve to ascertain depth and location of bedrock
  • Soil Probe (3 foot length) for soil testing
  • Clineometer for shooting grades determining degree of incline
  • PH & Moisture meter
  • And common sense, don’t leave home without it.

Drainage Site Analysis Checklist
Inventory of environmental site conditions, impressions, appearances and parameters of drainage impact based on proper topographical survey supplied by client.

  1. Examine interior of structure for possible leaks, structural defects and wet rot.
  2. Perform flow test from all hose bibs (faucets).
  3. Examine gutters and leaders (providing they exist); flush with water from garden hose for a minimum of 45 minutes establishing viability of existing structural drainage.
  4. Identify location of sump pumps and interior infrastructure drainage (foundation drain).
  5. Consider surface roof area/volume.
  6. Identify splash points.
  7. Locate well, septic, drywells, sewer/storm drains and utilities/easements.
  8. Plot existing catch basins, clean outs, runoff or scouring points.
    Identify, note and log percentage of impervious and permeable surface plane areas.
    Inventory and locate low lying areas, degree of slope and general sheet flow (direction of general water flow).
    Determine soil profile and infiltration rate (perk test)